To-lyn Cattery Traditional Siamese  
                                                               Cattery registered with CFA, and T.I.C.A

                                                                              AGREEMENT OF SALE

Buyer_______________________________  Phone__________________________                                                     
Address_____________________________  E-mail address: ___________________

City:________________________________ State_________ Zip _______________                      

Tolyn Cattery (Seller) agrees to sell to Buyer, the kitten(s) described below for a price of $________ ea.
This includes a deposit of ½ the price of the kitten. Deposit received  $_________ea.
Your deposit is good for 1 year.  If I can’t get you what you’re asking for, your deposit is refundable.  If at that time I have
what you’re asking for, and you do not want it, your deposit is forfeited                         

Cat/kitten’s (    ) sex:                            Color:                                 Breed:                                 Born:_____                      

Sire: ______________________________________Dam: _____________________________________      

Sold as: Pet (no breeding rights) _YES______ Breeder (with breeding rights) __NO__

Unless otherwise stated above, this cat is intended to be a household pet.  Neutering or spaying is REQUIRED between
no sooner than four (4) months of age for males and no later than seven (7) months of age for females.  Kittens should
weigh at least 4-5 pounds before having this surgery.  Buyer agrees not to allow this cat to produce offspring.  
Registration papers will be held until Buyer has provided Seller with a valid statement as proof of spay/neuter signed by
a licensed veterinarian.   Seller agrees to sign this kitten’s registration papers over to the Buyer within 30 days of receipt
of all the appropriate documentation.

The Seller is transferring this cat to the Buyer in good faith as a healthy and well cared for animal. Seller guarantees this
cat to be free from feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). There is not test for FIP. The
Buyer is encouraged to have the cat checked by a veterinarian of the Buyers own preference within a period of 72
hours after the date of sale (or date cat leaves To-Lyn Cattery.   If within this 72 hours period, the cat is deemed by the
Buyer to be unsuitable, the cat will be returned to the Seller at Buyer’s expense for a full refund.  After this 72 hour
period, the Seller makes no guarantees as to the health or suitability of this cat.
My kittens are guaranteed against any genetic health problems for 1 year.

No Cash Refunds will be given after 3 days from date of transfer.  If professional medical care is given to the cat during
this 72-hour period, the Buyer shall be responsible for all veterinary or other professional expenses incurred on behalf
of the cat.

It is strongly recommended that the kitten(s) be quarantined from other pets for at least 14 days.

Be mindful that the stress induced in an animal when going to a new home may cause symptoms of illness, including
minor upper respiratory infection, to appear in an otherwise healthy animal, buyer agrees to have this animal examined
by a licensed veterinarian of the buyer’s choice at the buyer’s expense within seventy-two hours of receipt, for the
purpose of confirming the animals health.

The cat will not be denied needed veterinary attention.      Initials:     ___________

The above cat/kitten has been or will be inoculated at     6, 9 and 12 weeks        of age for (1) Panleukopenia, (2) viral
Rhinotracheitis, and (3) feline Calicivirus.  Due to the possible side effects to certain vaccines that may pose as a health
risk to our kittens we do not immunize for FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) if this treatment is implemented, then all health
guarantees implied or specified will become null and void.   We also do not immunize for FeLv (Feline Leukemia) and
FIV (Feline Aids).
My adults are tested before coming into my cattery. I do not believe in over vaccinating.

The Buyer agrees to provide proper housing and diet, fresh water, parasite control, and general health care, including
the completion of immunizations plus yearly boosters and prompt veterinary care for any illness or condition requiring
medication or surgery.  It is strongly recommended this kitten/cat is to be kept inside.

The seller considers herself to be a professional hobbyist pedigree Siamese and Balinese breeder. I have a keen
interest in insuring the genetic health of the lines involved in my breeding program. The adults are monitored and
tracked to insure healthy, even- tempered kittens that meet and maintain strict adherence to CFA and T.I.C.A breed
standards. While the strict health of this animal cannot be guaranteed except as noted above, the seller welcomes and
encourages any dialog between the buyer and the seller.

Both parties must initial deletions or additions to this contract.  Aware that this Agreement of Sale is for mutual benefit,
we hereby affix our signatures.

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Buyer /                                                       Seller / Linda Yamamoto

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